What it takes to compete in the global dairy industry

12. Nov 2013 - by Dr Jon Hauser
In a rare return to the blogosphere, Dr Hauser has something to say about Australia's position and opportunity in the global dairy industry. This article captures the content and spirit of a presentation made to dairy farmers on the eve of a what might be a defining event in the long history of the Australian dairy industry.

Finding value in seasonal milk IV - Finding the cash

13. May 2013 - by Dr Jon Hauser
It is all very well getting excited about building a factory and making your own product but who is going to pay for it? To maintain control farmers will need to reach into their own pockets. This article provides a guide to how much is required and explores the options for financing the investment.

Finding value in seasonal milk III - The DIY Factory

14. Apr 2013 - by Dr Jon Hauser
This is where the rubber hits the road for farmer control of their milk surplus. Building and running a factory comes with risk and uncertainty but some simple back of the envelope calculations will tell you whether it is worth considering. What farmers can be certain of is that private companies are not going to solve their problem of low prices for milk surpluses.

Finding value in seasonal milk II - Paying the toll

05. Mar 2013 - by Dr Jon Hauser
If dairy farmers want to take control of their destiny they need to think about having some control over seasonal milk surpluses. Converting that milk into product via toll processing seems like a good idea ... or is it?

Finding value in seasonal milk I - The unfortunate truth

11. Feb 2013 - by Dr Jon Hauser
All dairy farmers dream of being able to be the makers of their milk price rather than just taking it from processors. But how can they achieve this? In this DFMC sponsored commentary Dr Hauser delves into the issue and argues that to do this farmers need to be able to choose where their milk is going and control seasonal surplus milk in order to maximise value.