Reflections on the global dairy industry.

Now accessible on tablets and mobile devices - Xcheque will deliver detailed analysis & commentary on the past, present and future of dairy - wherever you might need it...

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Chart Update: Oceania Commodities

— Updated 24. Sep 2012
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Chart Update: Milk Price Index

— Updated 09. Nov 2012
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Coming Soon - Xcheque 5.0 has been a great ride but, as with everything in the digital age, you need to keep up with the traffic or move over to the slow lane.

In addition to our dairy economic research, Xcheque has been working on the development of technology that connects spreadsheets and databases to the web. This is allowing us to build online applications, or "Web Apps", that give our clients secure access to very complex data and analysis models. Our web design team is also delving further into deployment of these Apps to mobile and tablet devices. "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades".

For a sneak peek at where we are heading, download the brochure or take a look at our companion website ยป

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